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PEACE AT OM is Wendy Simmons-Taylor & Robert Ortner, 2 bass players and yogis who want to spread peace, love, and harmony throughout the land!


Peace at Om is our self-titled 1st CD released in 2020 and Tomorrow Never Knows is our second CD released in 2022.

We created Peace at Om with tender, loving care and gratitude and continue on our musical journey to write music that is dedicated to all people seeking peace and equality, and to our dear friend, sister, and musician Patti Preiss-Harris who has moved on to a finer place in the Universe. A sweeter heart cannot be found. May she find Peace at Om.


Our music is now available on Bandcamp!

Our videos are here:

We hope you take a listen to our uplifting CDs of music that can be used as background music to yoga classes or listened to find peace and joy!

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All songs © 2020 and © 2022 ASCAP

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